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Brand original furniture (IKEA) Sweden known for its inspiring showrooms. Starting from the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen even today.

But now, you don't have to just imagine the dream home decor, because it can be directly applied in your own home with the latest systems, METOD. First time released in the IKEA Asia-Pacific this June, a new custom system that can be applied at the kitchen of your House.

The system allows design METOD kitchen modular or customized. With this system, consumers are free to choose a design, customize the size of the room, function, needs and style to taste. You can choose the type of closet doors, tabletops, kitchen door handles and knop, to form the desired table legs.

Based on the METOD, there are three styles that can be applied to your home kitchen. These are modern style with a minimalist design and metallic, traditional style and also dominated the Scandinavian wooden decor.

Everything can be adapted to the shape of the House and the wishes of the consumer. The design is also more flexible, for example in a drawer, there is a second drawer so that the storage is also more efficient. At the door of the Cabinet, the Interior also be ejected so no need to spend the entire contents of the closet if you want to pull out the stuff in the back.

Large cabinets are also available in different sizes, depending on the area of the kitchen in your home. For example divided into 20cm, width 40cm, 60cm and 80cm. As for the height is 10 cm, 20 cm, even up to 220 cm for closet storage.

Not only can be customized with the shape of the House, excess METOD also provides soft closing technology on every door and drawer of your kitchen cabinet. So, as hard as any door or drawer is closed, the atmosphere remains calm with no sound. In addition, in each drawer also installed lights to facilitate your search for the goods when the State of the dark room.

After knowing what you want, from IKEA experts will come to your home and performs measurements and noted all the things that are needed in the kitchen. Then start the planning process. Here, officers from IKEA will help realize the dream decor that is in your head.

After that, is the process of delivery and installation. Then, delivery and installation of your new kitchen set is adjusted depending on the stock of goods.

For the price, entirely adapted to the spacious room and the choice of decor. METOD kitchen system guaranteed 25 years. So if anyone doesn't work well, we will do some checking and replacing them.