Explore the World of Tantric Massage

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Explore the World of Tantric Massage

How Tantric Can Help You Achieve Greatness

The art of Tantric massage has been around for many years. It was developed centuries ago as a way to get in touch with our spiritual selves. The word Tantra means “to expand” in Sanskrit, but it is often loosely translated to spread, continue, spin out, weave as well as to show and manifest. From the meanings of the word Tantra itself we can begin to see just how thorough and integrated Tantra really is.

Just like its meaning, Tantra is an ever-expanding set of principles designed to answer the challenges of time. Whether you are a religious person, you will find the principles of Tantra to be very relevant and practical. This is also why many Tantric massage rituals transcend the boundaries of religions and personal beliefs. Tantric rituals such as Yoga and Tantric massage therapies are all universal and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Tantra offers a way to get in touch with our spiritual side from a very unique point of view. Instead of trying to tap into our spiritual energy through a series of rigorous practices, Tantra offers a more relaxing set of rituals that offer not only access but also control over our inner energy. Problems such as blocked energy, difficulties in concentrating, and other similar issues can be solved through a series of Tantric practices and rituals.

The Elements of Tantra

Tantra has four main elements that corresponds to the four freedoms it offers. These four elements can be mastered and will grant you access to a better, fuller and more positive life in general. In order to master these four freedoms, you need to perform Tantric rituals as well as apply the basic principles of Tantra massage London in your everyday life.

The Freedom of Body

Your body or physical being is the first element that is touched by Tantra. A lot of rituals based on the principles of Tantra bring actual health benefits that can be enjoyed almost immediately. Once you have achieved this level of freedom, it is very easy to fight off possible illness and health issues.

The Freedom of Mind

The mind or your mental state is treated as a whole by Tantra. You will find the stimulations and rituals of Tantra to be very effective in arousing your mind to think positively and mend itself. Whether you are suffering from emotional difficulties, stress, or other common spiritual issues, you can rely on Tantric massage London treatments to help you solve them once and for all.

The Freedom of Heart

Of course, Tantra also touches your emotions gently. When you apply the principles of Tantra as part of your everyday life, you will find that calmness and wisdom you have been looking for all these years. This is because Tantra guides your heart into a completely different state of emotional awareness. Dealing with emotions is much easier to do now that you have the tools and rituals to help you every step of the way.

The Freedom of Soul

Your spiritual energy determines just how well you perform in life. Tantra has a very strong sensual aura to it, so many experts interpret this particular element of Tantra as our sexual energy and drive. Although this is partially true, achieving the freedom of soul also means you have complete control over your energy in general. Having better, more positive spiritual energy allows you to connect to others positively as well. as a result, you can build networks of friends and colleagues effectively, be in a healthy relationship with someone you truly love, and achieve other great things spiritually

The Rituals of Tantra

The principles of Tantra are often applied in the form of rituals. There are a number of popular rituals you can engage, including:

Tantric Yoga

Tantric Yoga is a holistic exercise that allows it practitioners to achieve the true form of control. The main goal of Tantric Yoga is to take you to a new level of consciousness in all three states; whether you are awake, asleep, or in a deep dreaming state, you will have complete control over your awareness once you have mastered the art of Tantric Yoga. Tantric Yoga helps us balance the two aspects of life: the static part represented by Shiva and the dynamic part represented by Shakti. The static part of our lives controls our rest, the foundation of our believes, and many more. The dynamic part, on the other hand, is the source of power and energy that we all need to tackle the everyday tasks in life. Our dynamic side also controls creativity and movement as well as our cognitive ability.


Meditation is a huge part of the practice of Tantra massage. It allows us to fully relax and explore our inner selves at the same time. In order to truly master the art of Tantric meditation, one must first understand the basic principles of Tantra to the core. When you mediate, your body and soul go into a deeper state of relaxation. While your physical self regenerates at a higher rate, your mind can roam freely and explore other sides of your life. As a result, you can understand more about yourself, your spiritual and mental state, and many more. Meditation can also be done with a partner or a group. The impacts of assisted meditation can be superbly profound, especially once the spiritual bonds between all parties involved are constructed.

Tantric Sex

As mentioned earlier, Tantra has a strong sensual aura surrounding its principles and rituals; in fact, many associate Tantra with Tantric sex almost immediately. Although Tantric sex is part of the rituals you can perform in order to achieve great results especially in terms of orgasm quality and overall sexual experience it is only a part of a more general set of beliefs Still, Tantric sex is something you and your partner can master in order to improve the quality of your sexual activities. It touches not only the physical aspects of sex but also the spiritual sides of it. While improved orgasm and greater sexual experience are part of the benefits of Tantric sex, you will also find stronger spiritual bonds and better understanding of each other to be part of the positive effects of Tantric sex

Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra is the extension of Tantric sex that focuses more on sexual rituals and details about them. It is very easy to learn Kama Sutra, especially with our experienced Tantra masters assisting you every step of the way. Kama Sutra teaches us about the beauty of sex at its very core, the great sex positions that help improve the quality of sexual experience and sensations, and many more. Once you have mastered Tantric sex and Kama Sutra as a whole, you will be amazed by just how much more enjoyable sexual activities and the spiritual relationship behind them can be.